satellite motor - result!
We want to watch German telly as well as the kwality content broadcast from the UK. So, after much research into what the least that I could spend on doing this, the shopping list could've been anyhere between:
1 x motor + bolts ≈ gbp 50
dish + pole + lnb + motor (+ bolts) ≈ 150
depending on the advice I got at Maplin regards compatibility with my Sky minidish.

So, to Epsom, loaded with questions. (Along the lines of "what bolt fits with what clamp?") and come unstuck at pretty much the first hurdle... what's the difference between the 50 and 60 pound motor?

Not one to make things up, the assistant (who I suspect was a manager) went first to the box, then the computer, then called tech support -- which, quite sensibly was vacant on the Sunday between New Year's Day and a Bank Holiday. So he made a final look upstairs for inspiration, before asking me to come back on Tuesday.

Oh. Let's get as many (known) unknowns answered while we're here... whichever motor I buy, will I be able to bolt my minidish to it?

Maplins do a minidish replacement which my man went off to fetch from the attic, so we could check the fixings out. Back he comes with a 50 odd square centimeter box. And the slightly odd question, "Do you really want to keep you existant dish?"
"All the other options would be more expensive, surely?", replies I.
"We have a ready-to-go package with 90cm dish, LNB, motor, all brackets, and a Freesat viewer."
"But that's 150 quid, and it doesn't exist any more" (I've seen such a thing on their Interweb catalogue - disregarded it because of the unnecessary expense of the Freesat box)
"Ah, but we have one in the cellar, and it's 39.99"
To which I try to figure out any reason not to buy it: er, it's 20% off the cheaper motor (in fact it's 33% off the more expensive unit, included) and free *everything else*

Only downside is that a 90cm dish ain't compatible with the S2000 in any way (actually, if I'd expected to be shipping such a box, an appropriate selection of bungies would've done the trick).

Anyhoo, all's set for Boyce and me to point the thing at the horizon, and it's ...

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And then the LJ mobile app just kept on a-crashing... fortunately that's about all I wanted to say for now; the neighbour's roof might prove to provide for some interesting trigonometry to see Astra 2A... I'm not sure how close to the ridge of the roof the Sky dish is actually pointing.

We'll see.

Writer's Block: A mile in these shoes
Which living person would you choose to be for a week, and why?

Naomi Campbell.
Then I could stuff my head with lard and pies
(but not so much that it makes me sick, of course).

The Pope
I think the Pope sounds too much like Peter Lorre for my taste.

Ooh! I work in Sutton. Aren't I lucky!
If I don't share every piece of crap that comes my way,
I'll get out of the habit of blogging (not like I'm actually in the habit... but anyway).

See the red text on page 5 for an example of gratuitous padding.

Eyewitness report:
So far, the entire High Street has been resurfaced (paved, graveled).
Very nice, very level, no dangerous holes to fall into.

Now, it's time to install seating. It seems that the legs of the benches
need to be buried in a 3 foot deep foundation. After all (structural
considerations aside), this is, and always will be Sutton, so the
risk of having communal seating stolen is pretty high.

I repeat: “... the entire High Street has been resurfaced...
           no holes...”

“What? Not even foundation trenches for the benches?”, you may ask.

So there are at least three workmen with jack-hammers rectifying the
situation. Really... and there are still men putting perfect pavement
down in another area which, according to the plans, is going to have
tables and benches installed.

Meanwhile, Council Tax payers walk past, irate at the waste of money.
Well... actually, no. An hypothetical “Council Tax Payer walking past”
would be someone who simultaneously:
  • lives in Sutton
  • learns enough to qualify to pay council tax
    i.e. not on benefits
  • is willing to be seen walking about Sutton High Street

But I imagine he would be quite irate if he saw this.

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My first vim script
Actually, it's just a colour scheme.
But that's a start.

missing ls options: -j -y -z

The POSIX directory listing command, ls uses all the letters as command line options except -j, -k, -w, -y and -z.

GNU/Linux's ls does use -k and -w... but can we complete the set by finding uses for the -j, -y and -z switches also?

Suggestions please?

Friday morning challenge - Albatross hanging
I was pondering this question in the car on the way in:
How do you hang an albatross around someone's neck?

Sound symbolism
While writing a symbol table handler for our software, I decided to look up what exactly a "symbol" is. Off I went to wikipedia, which had more than it's fair share of symbols, semiotics and lingustics.

This (amongst others) took my fancy:
And I suspect this topic will keep me busy reading for some time to come.

More devastation... this time in my work workstation
I'm about to wreck the havoc of Mandriva 2008 on my work PC.

Every thing's backed up... so here I go (I hope).

Scenes of terrible devastation...
The grounds of chateaus foo have undergone a certain about of alteration. Armed with my usual gardening implements, including my new mattock (sorry, I called it a pick axe earlier)... I prepared the garden for winter by cutting off all the green bits of the tress, and putting them into bags, ready for spring.

Here's the evidence... (if I can figure out how to get the piccies off my phone).

Oh... seems I need some consideration as to how to display photos of the wilderness that are the gardens. You'll see them as I can show them.

It's bleak though. Five stumps at the last count. Including a newly bonsaied clematis. There's a good reason why clematis isn't one of the traditional bonsai favourites.


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